Card Types

Travel insurance cards

Some cards will offer you complmentary travel insurance just by virtue of owning the card*. You'll need to adhere to the terms for the card which will usually mean purchasing 50% or more of your travel using the card in question

Cashback credit cards

Purchases made with these cards will give you a small percentage of cashback. Cashback cards are currently offered by only BNZ and ANZ in New Zealand. There is a minimun spend amount to be reached during the year to ensure you are awarded the best rate of cashback

FlyBuys credit cards

For each dollar spent you will receive a number of FlyBuys points. BNZ is the only card provider that offers FlyBuys cards currently in New Zealand

Airpoints cards

For each dollar spent you will receive a number of airpoints valid for use on Air New Zealand

No annual fee

There are some cards that don't charge an annual feeZero percentage balance transfer rate

Some cards will allow you to transfer your existing balance to the new credit card. The zero percentage rate will usually last for a certain period of time, the most common being 6 or 12 months. Once the period has passed the rate will return to the standard rate for the card. Westpac currently offer a lifetime balance transfer rate of 1.99% which diferentiates it from all the other providers